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We maintain an e-mail mailing list for our members and supporters. You can sign up for our newsletter here:

We try to keep the number of e-mails going out to the newsletter to a minimum, and we promise to never voluntarily provide your e-mail address to any other person, organization, or company.

Joining WCAIA

WCAIA is currently accepting new members. The easiest way to join is to come out to one of our events; we announce at all our events which representatives of the WCAIA Steering Committee are present, and you can speak to them about joining the organization. Alternatively, you can contact us at, and we can  try and sort it out over e-mail.

WCAIA currently has no membership dues. Applicants for membership are required to agree to and sign off on the Basis of Unity that underpins all of our work, including the Palestinian Civil Society Boycott, Disvestment, and Sacntions (BDS) Call. Please note that all applications for membership must be approved before you can become a formal member of the organization.

Supporting WCAIA

You don’t need to become a member of WCAIA to support its objectives, although we certainly welcome you to do so. WCAIA puts on events open to the public, and your presence and support at these events is appreciated. As an organization operating in what can be a politically-charged environment, there is no shortage of detractors, and any public support (no matter how small it might seem) is helpful!

Financial support is also highly appreciated. We do not receive government funding of any type, and rely on donations from like-minded individuals to support our work. We are currently investigating the easiest way to accept donations, but for now please contact if you would like to support us financially.